StarCat Reviews - Business Bundle

The Business Bundle of StarCat Reviews contains more advanced features for creating review websites. This bundle contains business add-ons such as:

Review Post Type:

Gives you a Reviews – Custom Post Type that allows the Author/ Admin to add review posts and create review-based listing sites with advanced Sorting and Filtering options.

WooCommerce Notification Add-on:

Automatically send email notifications to your customers for them to leave  a review after their orders are completed. With this add-on you can,

  • Send a Product Review Link of the items they purchased to get the customer review
  • Use any “From” email address
  • Customize the Subject and Body of the email notification

Comparison Table: (to be released in next version)

Lets you create comparison tables for comparing prices, features, ratings, and other aspects of various products.

More add-ons in the Future:

We have plans for several add-ons in the business bundle. So, if you purchase this bundle instead of the individual add-ons, you get access to all the powerful add-ons .