StarCat Reviews - Personal Bundle

The Personal Bundle will have the StarCat Reviews plugin and its Personal Add-ons.

Currently there are no add-ons available in the bundle, but we working on some personal add-ons. It’s priced the same as the main plugin, to make it affordable for purchasing this bundle.

WooCommerce Notification Add-on:

Automatically send email notifications to your customers for them to leave  a review after their orders are completed. With this add-on you can,

  • Send a Product Review Link of the items they purchased to get the customer review
  • Use any “From” email address
  • Customize the Subject and Body of the email notification

Photo Reviews Add-on:

It allows users to submit pictures along with their review.  You can create a gallery with user-submitted pictures in the review section.

More Add-ons

There are plans for personal add-ons in the future. If you buy the personal bundle, you will have access to these add-ons.