How To Hide, Remove Or Disable Add To Cart Button In WooCommerce

Hiding or Removing the Add to Cart button can be useful in many ways.  Sometimes the products you are having on your store might not be for sale, some might be out of stock, some products might not even be ready, but you just want to display it to your customers so that they can purchase it once it’s ready. In all these cases, we need an option to remove or hide the Add to Cart button. Also, you might want to show products in a Catalog Mode or you could offer custom quotations for bulk order and allows customers to Request a Quote.  There are many ways to do this. You can use a plugin that does this or can add some code snippets that will help you to hide it. We will discuss every method in this article briefly. Before looking at the solution, I believe you have your WooCommerce store set already.

1) Removing Add to Cart Button – Using Plugins

Many WooCommerce store owners might not be developers and so they may not like the idea of adding codes to remove the Add to cart button. So let’s start the simple way of doing it using third party plugins.

ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode – Plugin

Rather than going for a simple ‘Remove Add to Cart’ plugin, I would suggest you go for Elex WooCommerce Catalog mode plugin for this solution Note: I am not paid nor have any personal connection with this plugin to suggest this.  The plugin worked perfectly well on my site and I also noticed that the plugin has been regularly updated. (These 2 criteria were pretty enough for me to go ahead and explore this plugin 😉 ) Now, let’s see how to hide or remove the Add to cart button using this plugin.  Install and Activate the free plugin: ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode

Remove Add to Cart button on your Product page 

Step 1: Once activated, you will see a new option called Catalog Mode in the WooCommerce post type. Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Catalog Mode. Step 2: In the “Remove Add to Cart” option, check the Enable option. Once enabled, you will have two options below it. Select the Product page option. Step 3: Save the settings and go to your product page. You can see the Add to cart button removed on all your product pages as shown below.

Remove Add to Cart button on your Product Categories page

Step 1: Follow the same steps that were followed before and enable the Shop page option.  Step 2: Now, save the settings and go to your product category page. The Add to cart button should have been removed. 

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ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode Premium version

Besides the free version, there are also more options that are available in the premium version if you are looking for more advanced features. Some features that are available in the premium versions are:
    • Remove Add to cart button only for specific products: The free version allows you to remove the Add to cart button for all products altogether but not for specific products that you want. The premium version does have an option for this.
    • Remove Add to cart button for specific user roles: You have the option to remove the Add to cart button only for specific user roles rather than hiding it for everyone.
    • Customize the Add to cart button: You can customize the Add to Cart button by changing to Custom text and Redirecting to the desired page (even to external websites).
    • You can also hide the regular price when the sale price is provided, hide the product price, and even hide the cart and checkout page.

Remove Add to Cart WooCommerce Plugin by ThemeLocation

I am pretty sure that you would have come across this plugin by looking for removing the add to cart plugin. Almost many articles have suggested this plugin.


I do not suggest this plugin for several reasons:
  • First, I tried this plugin on my site. It was simple to use, but it caused certain issues for me. For example, removing the add to cart button did work for my WooCommerce product page. But when I tried removing it in the product category page, it did not work.
  • It caused some design issues on my WooCommerce shop
  • The plugin’s last update is almost 8 months ago (As of June,2020). So I am not sure whether this plugin is actively updated.
  • Finally, they have a very low rating from other customers also.
If it works well on your site and you do not have any problem about the update and ratings, you can definitely give this plugin a try.

Other Plugins to Hide Add to Cart Button In WooCommerce

There are also other premium plugins that give you the option to hide the Add to Cart button in WooCommerce. Let’s look at some of those plugins and their key features.

Hide Price & Add to Cart Button

Hide Price & Add to Cart button is a WooCommerce extension (supported by a third party) that will allow you to hide add to cart buttons of specific products and categories.

Key Features:

  • You can hide the Add to cart button for specific products and product categories.
  • Also, hide the prices for non-logged-in users
  • Allows to hide ‘Add to Cart’ for specific countries
  • You also have an option to replace the Add to cart button with a contact 7 form

WooCommerce Hide Price & Add to Cart Button Plugin – Lite

This is the lite version of the plugin that is mentioned above. While this plugin offers some really good features, certain advanced features like Rule based management, hide cart by country, configuring separate rules for each user role, replacing add to cart with contact form will not be available in this lite version. If you are not looking for those advanced features, this plugin would be your good to go option

II) Removing WooCommerce Add to Cart Button – Using Code snippets

If you are not a fan of using plugins, you can also use codes to hide the Add to cart button.

Let’s see how to apply it. Paste the below code in either the theme function.php file of your currently activated theme or apply it in woocommerce.php file in the plugins folder.


remove_action(‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’,’woocommerce_template_single_add_to_cart’, 20);

The above hooks would have removed the Add to cart button in both your product page and product category page.


In this article, I have guided you on how to hide or remove the Add to Cart button in WooCommerce using plugins and manually applying the code snippets. 

I have also mentioned some efficient plugins that have advanced features. 

Feel free to let me know in the comments section if you have followed any other method to hide your Add to cart button or if you have any questions.

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