StarCat Reviews 0.3 – With Advanced User Engagement Features

We have just released a new version of StarCat Reviews plugin, StarCat Reviews v 0.3. This version comes with some powerful features that allows you to create a review website that is more appealing to users and increases user engagement.

Here are the new features in StarCat Review 0.3:

Sorting and Search in User Reviews for Woocommerce and other CPT

Now you users can sort the reviews based on:

  • Most Positive
  • Most Helpful
  • Recent

Also, users can search the reviews using the Review Search Bar, of StarCat Reviews.

The Sorting and Search feature will help your users to find the best reviews that answer the questions in their mind. Especially in a WooCommerce store when customers find satisfying reviews it increases sales and conversions.

Google reCAPTCHA for User Reviews

Now you can implement Google reCAPTCHA in the User Review Form when the users are submitting their review.

This will help you to stop Spam and Fake reviews when non-logged in users are posting a review.

Most Helpful Reviews

Every user review can now be upvoted or downvoted with a Thumbs-Up & Thumbs-down, to find the Most Helpful Reviews.

The most helpful reviews can be sorted using the Sorting features and users can see the reviews that had helped previous users. This could save a lot of time when there is a huge number of reviews.

Change Color of Stars and Other Rating Icons

StarCat Reviews gives you the option to change the rating icons from Stars (default) to any icons or even upload your own custom rating icon.

Now you can change the color of the rating icons to match your brand. You can also change the color of the rating label. You can create something like you see in the images below.

Like what you’re seeing, now you can test drive StarCat Review 0.3 by starting a free trial.

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