StarCat Reviews 0.6 – Introducing Photo Reviews Add-on & Full WooCommerce Integration

We have recently launched a new version of StatCat Reviews plugin – StarCat Review – v0.6. This version comes with exciting new features that many users have requested.

The latest version of StarCat Reviews comes with the new Photo Reviews premium add-on, Full WooCommerce Integration, and some other added features. We have also fixed some reported bugs.

Let’s see what in StarCat 0.6 in detail.

Photo Reviews Add-on

The Photo reviews add-on allows your users to attach photos and GIFs that users have created when submitting their rating and review.

This add-on helps you to acquire the user-generated product images as social proof for your business.

Features in Photo Reviews Add-on

  • Enable/Disable Photo submission in user review
  • On/Off – Photo submission a Required Field in the user review
  • Fix the maximum size of the images that can be uploaded
  • Limit the maximum number of that can be attached to a review

You can get the Photo Reviews add-on in both Personal Bundle and Business Bundle.

Full WooCommerce Integration

The previous versions of Starcat Reviews came with some degree of WooCommerce integration. We have improved on this and now it has Full WooCommerce integration.

That is, now StarCat Reviews can work exactly like the default WooCommerce review system with regards to WooCommerce webhooks.

If you want to create incentive programs for customers who give product reviews (with other WooCommerce extensions), StarCat Reviews can work with WooCommerce webhooks to trigger other systems such as Points and Rewards systems.

Other Features in StarCat Reviews 0.6

You can limit users to submit only 1 review on a single page/post. This stops users from creating duplicated reviews and stops spammers from abusing your review section.

If the users change their opinion they can edit the review that they previously wrote.

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