Best Tech Review Websites – 2023 & Build a Tech Review Site with WordPress

Are you looking for the best tech review sites to read reviews of the latest technology gadgets and software? Want to promote your tech products on the top tech product review sites and blogs? Want to create a technology product review website like he top review sites such as CNET, TechRadar, TechCrunch, etc.,

In this post, we will see the features of the best tech review websites and I’ll show you how to create a tech review website on your own.

Best Tech Review Sites – 2023


CNET is one of the best tech review sites and it has everything in one place kind of site for everything related to technological products. They review both software products and the latest tech gadgets such as Laptops, Mobile phones, Processors, and other tech accessories.

Their tech product reviews are uniquely arranged and displayed and they have a wide array of product categories. What’s more interesting is that they have “Best of 2021” pages for every category where best-rated products are listed.

2. TechRadar

TechRadar is a site for all of the latest technology news and reviews of the latest tech products such as Laptops, Phones, TVs, Gaming PCs, and other technological products. The product reviews are categorically organized and they are further divided into subcategories based on the various brands.

Another key feature of TechRadar is that they have country-specific content so that you can view tech products that are specific to the country where the products are launched with special deals to buy the products in the specific countries.

3. Gizmodo 

Gizmodo is a very unique tech review site having the latest Design & Technology news and reviews website which reviews selected tech products in categories such as Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers, VR Headsets, Smart Home Appliances, and more. Their tech product reviews are futuristic starting from their product selection.

4. Engadget

Engadget is a multilingual tech product review website for news and reviews of gadgets and consumer electronics. Engadget and Gizmodo both are founded by the same person but they have taken a different approach on their site. They review the tech products based on day to day usability.

They also have a very useful Buyer’s Guide where they discuss the Pros and Cons of each product. What’s unique to Engadget is that they have a User Rating system where any user can give their rating and review.

5. Ars Technica 

Ars Technica is a news, reviews, and guides publishing tech review website covering a wide range of things such as computer hardware and software, science, technology policy, and video games. They publish a review of every product by comparing it with competing products and they have a good comparison table of this purpose. They discuss the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly things about every tech product they review.

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Other Technology News Blog Sites with Good Review Posts

There are many other popular technology news and blogging sites with great tech product reviews. They are:

1. Tom’s Hardware

It’s run by the same company which runs TechRadar site and so visually and features-wise they are similar. In Tom’s Hardware, they exclusively cover PCs and various parts of PCs like Processors, Motherboards, and other computer accessories.

2. DigitalTrends

Digital Trends is a website that publishes news, reviews, guides, and how-to articles about technology and consumer electronics products. It aims to guide consumers to the best products and services available.

3. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a web publisher that focuses on news related to new tech businesses and products. One thing to note is that it has review posts called “Gift Guide” which features reviews the latest tech products that you can gift on special occasions.

We will show you how to build a website like TechCrunch below.

Build a Tech Review Site Like the Top Sites

Before you move on to creating a website, you need to know what features a tech review website needs. So that you can decide what features your own tech reviews site will have.

Important Features of a Tech Ratings & Review website

Here’s a list of features you can see on popular tech websites.

Author Review and Rating Posts 

It’s the most important feature that you would expect from a tech review site. The Author (owner of the site) can write detailed review post on various tech products and give his rating or review score for each product.

Multiple Criteria Rating

Author can rate various the various features of the products that are called Multiple Criteria Rating. You will get a cumulative rating score as the overall review score.

Pros and Cons Section 

Review posts will have a separate Pros and Cons section where you can mention the advantages and disadvantages of buying the product.

Buyer’s Guide / News / Blog Pages 

Tech review websites have other pages such as News, Blog posts, Buyer’s Guide, and other similar pages where the author can discuss important things happening in the world of technology.

Best Products List

Best Product Listing Page is an important part of a tech review site. Here product which is best rated in the respective categories and subcategories are listed based on their review scores.

Sorting and Filtering options

Tech review sites allow you to sort the products with various sorting and filtering options. For example, you can filter and sort products based on their brands, pricing, features, rating, etc.,

Comparison Table

Some tech sites like CNET will have a comparison table where the compare the features, ratings, price, and other specifications of the various products. This helps buyers to compare products simultaneously and come to a decision.

User Rating and Reviews

Some new tech review sites like Gadgets360 allow users to rate and review the various tech products. Since many sites cover consumer electronics, why not allow the consumers themselves to review the products. They will show the Author rating and overall user rating separately.

Photo Reviews

When users are leaving their ratings and review about the teach products they’ve purchased, you can allow them to submit images, GIFs, and other media content that they’ve created with the product. This will easily generate user-regenerated content for your review site and reduce stress on your part to create new content and Google will love this.

Price Comparison

This is relatively a new feature. Some tech review sites show you the price comparison from various Ecommerce sites where they sell products like Amazon, BestBuy, eBay, etc., They also show if there special deals, discounts, and coupons in these Ecommerce sites.

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Creating a Tech Review Site with WordPress

WordPress is a popular website building software that has advanced tools for creating technology review sites. The best thing about WordPress is that it is free and beginner-friendly so that anyone can easily create a review website. The following tools will help you create different types of tech review sites:

Tech Review site with StarCat Reviews Plugin

StarCat reviews plugin is an advanced WordPress review plugin to create any kind of review websites. It converts a general WordPress site into a review site by adding all the reviews and rating functionalities.

It has all the above-mentioned features such as Author Rating, Best Product Listing, Comparison Table, Advanced Sorting and Filtering, and many more features required to create an awesome tech review site.

Before moving to install StarCat Reviews you need a basic WordPress website. You can create your own WordPress website by following the steps from this article.

Creating a Technology News / Blog website with Reviews

You might want to create a site like TechCrunch or DigitalTrends where tech reviews are not the primary content but technology news is the main focus. In WordPress, you can create this kind of news and review site using WordPress themes.

WordPress News Blog Themes

To give your review site a news magazine and blog capability, you need a WordPress theme that has these functionalities. Luckily for you, WordPress has thousands of free themes that you can choose from, for creating News Magazine and Blog sites. You can see these WordPress themes here.

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StarCat Reviews + News Blog theme = A great technology news and review site

Creating a Technology Review site with Digital Downloads

You might want to create a software review website like FileHippo, Softonic, etc., These sites not only review software like games, mobile apps, etc,. but also give downloadable files for your users, especially if they’re free software or apps in the beta phase.

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Easy Digital Downloads Plugin

If you want to give downloadable flies along with technology and software review then you need to install the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

StarCat Reviews + Easy Digital Downloads + News Blog theme = A great software and technology news review site with downloadable files.

Did you try creating a tech review site on your own? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments section.

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