Best WooCommerce Export Orders Plugins – 2021 (Free & Paid)

Are you using 3rd party tools for your eCommerce business? Wondering how to export orders from WooCommerce for your store? Want to export WooCommerce orders, customer details, custom fields, and other details into XML, CSV, PDF, Excel, GoogleSheets, and in other formats? Looking for WooCommerce plugins to export orders? We have all the export order solutions for WooCommerce.

Exporting Orders from WooCommerce

If you’re having an eCommerce business you would want to integrate with 3rd party tools such as Customer Relationship Management tools, Dropshippers, Tax solutions, Marketing tools, Shipment tracking tools, and other solutions to help you run your WooCommerce store. Exporting data such as WooCommerce Order data is crucial for these businesses. WooCommerce has some best import/export plugins to help export orders.

WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export

The WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export is the official WooCommerce export order plugin. You can export thousands of data records while working without making much stress.

It is compatible with many WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin, WooCommerce Checkout Add-ons, WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields, WooCommerce AvaTax,  WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro, WooCommerce Shipment Tracking,  and many more.

Features of WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export plugin

  • You can export data such as customer data, order data, and coupon data with any custom fields in CSV and XML formatted files
  • Allows you to create custom export formats and generate bulk export records on-demand.
  • You can export and transfer order data manually via email or FTP or else you can do using HTTP POST
  • Automatically export order data by scheduling in regular intervals (recurring)


WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export is sold in for $79.00/yr for 1 year of updates and support.

Order Export & Order Import for WooCommerce

Order Export & Order Import for WooCommerce by WebToffee is a free WooCommerce export order plugin with a premium upgrade option. It is used by more than 20,000+ WordPress websites. It helps you migrate WooCommerce shop orders including subscription orders.

The free plugin allows you to Import and Export WooCommerce data such as Orders and Coupons using CSV or XML files

Features of Order Export & Order Import for WooCommerce Pro plugin

  • The pro version additionally allows Import and Export WooCommerce Subscription Orders using CSV or XML files including mages, categories, custom metadata, etc.
  • You can also Import/ Export from other formats from providers such as, UPS WorldShip, FedEx, Endicia, and more
  • You can Process data in batches
  • Easy to schedule Import or Export Orders using FTP / SFTP or by URL
  • Compatible popular WooCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin, WooCommerce URL Coupons Plugin, WooCommerce Bookings, YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking, and more
  • You can also merge or update additional information using the bulk edit option and merge-rules


There is a free Order Export & Order Import for WooCommerce plugin with basic features that is enough for simple purposes.

The Order Export & Order Import for WooCommerce Premium plugin comes with 3 pricing plans. They are:

  • Personal – $69/yr Single Site License
  • Business $99 /yr Upto 5 Sites Licenses
  • Agency $199 /yr Upto 25 Sites Licenses

Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce

Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce is a free and popular WooCommerce export orders plugin that is used by more than 100,000+ active WordPress sites and has received 5-star ratings from 210 users.

Features of Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce plugin

  • You can easily export WooCommerce data such as orders, order summaries, customer details, product attributes, and coupons with custom fields
  • You can export the WooCommerce data in multiple file formats such as CSV, XML, JSON, TSV, PDF, HTML, and XLS files
  • When exporting you can select the specific fields to be exported, rename the labels, reorder columns and also use the filters

There is an Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce Pro plugin that allows you to export selected orders with Multiple profiles, Schedule exports, and Export rules. You can check their demo site here. 

WooCommerce Flexible Order Export

WooCommerce Flexible Order Export is a recently launched free WordPress export orders plugin that helps you to export orders from WooCommerce stores with a simple interface. It is one of the best WooCommerce plugins to send order data to Dropshippers, Accountants, and for Data Analysis tools.

Features of WooCommerce Flexible Order Export free plugin

  • You can download WooCommerce order data with a single click in a CSV file format that you can easily open in an Excel file.
  • Its compatible with other WooCommerce extensions and can access metadata and fields from the other plugins
  • Allows you to reorder the fields in the WooCommerce order data with drag & drop before exporting and can also add product filters

You can also upgrade to the WooCommerce Export Orders PRO plugin to automate the exports and send them to dropshippers using FTP. The pricing starts from $49 for a single site.

WooCommerce – Store Exporter

WooCommerce – Store Exporter is a free WooCommerce export plugin that helps you to export WooCommerce data types such as Product, Order, Category, Tag, etc,

Features of WooCommerce – Store Exporter free plugin 

  • You can manually export data such as Products, Categories, Tags, Orders, Customers, and Users from your WooCommerce store such as CSV and TSV file format.
  • You can also Toggle and save export fields and add some export filters to export products by Product Category or Tag, Product Status, Type including Variations, Stock Status or Quantity, Featured, Date Modified, and Order Date

Features of Store Exporter Deluxe for WooCommerce

  • Allows you to automatically schedule exports with an advanced filter such as Order Status, Payment gateways, Coupon Code, Customers by Order Status, and many more
  • Premium allows you more WooCommerce data such as Brands, Coupons, Subscriptions, Product Vendors, Export Bookings, Commissions, Shipping Classes, and Product Attributes
  • Supports 100+ popular WordPress and WooCommerce extensions and their data types for exports such as Advanced Google Product Feed, Checkout Field Editor, WooCommerce Subscriptions, Local Pickup Plus, Per-Product Shipping, and some many more
  • Give you more file formats to export such as XLS (Excel 97-2003), XLSX (Excel 2007-2016), and XML
  • Can export using remote FTP/FTPS/SFTP, POST, and CRON


The Store Exporter Deluxe for WooCommerce plugin comes with 3 pricing plans such as:

  • Single Site – $49
  • 1- 5 Sites – $99
  • Unlimited Sites – $149

WP All Export – Export any WordPress data to XML/CSV

The WP All Export is a free WordPress export plugin to export any WordPress data to XML or CSV file format. With this plugin, there is a 3-step export process and you can export with an intuitive drag & drop interface.

This WordPress export plugin also works well with the WooCommerce plugin.

Features of WP All Export – Export any WordPress data to XML/CSV

  • You can export WooCommerce data such as Orders and Customers also use filters for exports
  • Also, create a WooCommerce affiliate feed
  • Rename and rearrange the CSV columns and XML elements for better XML structure
  • Export data from other popular WordPress plugins and themes

You can upgrade to WP All Export Pro plugin to get premium features such as Zapier integration, Automatically schedule exports, Filter rules for export data, Choose the XML Structure, and Export additional WooCommerce data such as Users, and Orders.

WooCommerce Export Orders

WooCommerce Export Orders is a free and simple WooCommerce export order plugin that allows store managers to export the list of the products for all the orders.

Features of WooCommerce Export Orders plugin

  • Orders can be exported in file formats such as CSV, Excel, and PDF
  • Export WooCommerce orders data such as customer billing email and phone data along with other fields

You can also upgrade to WooCommerce Export Orders Pro for more features such as more export order fields, export filters, and download the data in printable file formats.

Hope you have found the best WooCommerce plugin to export orders and other data from your WooCommerce store. Do share your thoughts and questions in the comments section.

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