How to enhance your Woocommerce Product Reviews using Starcat Reviews

The ambitious Woocommerce Storeowners enhance their stores with the right plugins that produces the best results for them. If you are one, you should replace your default Woocommerce product reviews with Starcat Reviews plugin to improve your users’ experience. Starcat Reviews is a woocommerce reviews plugin. Now, with your new Woocommerce Reviews powered by Starcat Reviews plugin, your users can:

  1. Create multi-criteria ratings for your Woocommerce products
  2. Add Pros/Cons along with their reviews
  3. Mark the most helpful reviews
  4. Sort, Filter and Search reviews using various criteria
  5. Add photo/video reviews (coming soon) and more…

This helps you in many ways,

  1. You get better and specific feedback on your products, and so you know what to improve and what to keep doing
  2. Customer reviews for Woocommerce using our plugin build trust and improves your conversion rate
  3. It also encourages your existing customers make repeated purchases as they trust you more now

Here are some key statistics on online reviews, (i.e)

More reasons to enhance your Woocommerce product reviews using Starcat Review plugin:

  1. A recent Podium survey shows that 93% of the online potential purchase decisions are impacted by reviews
  2. 82% people read reviews before purchase
  3. 68% people are willing to pay 15% more if they are satisfied with their guarantees
  4. 77% people say that they would be willing to leave a review if asked
  5. People ranked what influenced their interest in a product/business thus:
    1. Review Content
    2. Star Rating
    3. Total Reviews
    4. Review Recency

Here’s how you can use Starcat Reviews for Woocommerce:

  1. Go to and download Starcat Reviews plugin. I recommend you download the Business bundle as it comes with all our current and future addons. Unfortunately, as of now, we don’t have a 7-day trial for bundles alone (unlike core plugin and addons). But you can go ahead and purchase them directly.
  2. You will get an email after you complete your purchase. Download the plugin and upload it from your WordPress Dashboard. Dashboard → Plugins → Add New.
  3. On successful activation, you will see a new menu on your Dashboard called Starcat Settings
  4. Go to Starcat Settings → General Settings and include Product in the Where to include reviews option.
  5. You also need to disable the default Woocommerce reviews at Woocommerce → Settings → Products (tab) → Enable product reviews

  6. Now your products are ready to be reviewed using Starcat Reviews
  7. Additional Settings: lets try adding a few more settings before we check the frontend. Lets try adding a few rating criteria(stats), change the icon and its color and here’s how it looks.

Other Notable Features:

  1. Recaptcha: Woocommerce reviews captcha prevents spam comments. This is an essential feature for your Woocommerce Product Review plugin to have,
  2. Woocommerce reviews pagination helps your users navigate reviews when you have a lot of them
  3. Woocommerce photo reviews addon lets your users add photos and other media to their reviews. This makes other potential customers get better visual feedback and more likely to purchase your product. A visual feedback from photo reviews is worth a thousand words. Woocommerce Photo Reviews addon comes with any of the bundle plans.
  4. Woocommerce reviews shortcodes and widgets lets you display reviews in anyway you want

Starcat Reviews is an awesome Woocommerce Reviews plugin, but as you may have noticed, there is more to Starcat Reviews. For example, you can add reviews to other post types, add author reviews in addition to user reviews, etc. We also have more addons being developed. The bundle is at a very high 50% discount right now and this offer will soon end. If you do anything related to reviews at all, grab this offer. It’s an absolute bargain.

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  1. Arvind Faminechoice

    Product reviews are the milestone for increasing sales. People always see reviews of product or services before buying or consuming anything. Your article will help many folks.

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