Get more WooCommerce Customer Reviews.

Increase Sales & Conversions.

StarCat Reviews Plugin is the best WooCommerce Review plugin that enhances the default WooCommerce reviews.

Why Starcat Reviews?

Better Review Experience for your Customers.

Transform the basic WooCommerce reviews into a advanced and powerful product reviews system similar to popular eCommerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay, BestBuy, etc.,

Multi-criteria Rating

Allow customers to rate different components and aspects for your products and display the product rating summary elegantly.

Pros and Cons Section

Give options for customers to include Pros and Cons along with their product review.

Review Voting

Customers can upvote or downvote the WooCommerce product reviews.

This helps potential customers identify legitimate and helpful reviews and ignore the low quality reviews.

Review Search and Sorting

Comes with a Review Search Bar to search for the relevant answers and opinions in the reviews.

Has a Review Sorting System that helps sort through Recent, Most Positive, and Most Helpful reviews.

Reply to Customer Reviews

You can reply to a customer review; So you can implement strategies to earn loyal and new customers through your review section.

In case of negative reviews you could explain your side and for positive reviews can thank customers and encourage them to make more purchases in the future.

Photo Reviews Addon

Get more social proof for your products with by allowing customers to give WooCommerce photo reviews.

Customers can attach images and other media files that they have created with your product along with their review. Learn more>>

Comparison Table Addon

Help customers compare compare various products and their ratings by creating a product comparison table in your WooCommerce store. Learn more on>>

Customisable Product Ratings

The WooCommerce star rating is not suitable for every brand. You can customize the product ratings to best match your brand by changing the Rating Icons, Icon color and label color.

You could even use a custom image for your rating icon.

Rank Higher in Google with Rich Snippets

Display the WooCommerce product ratings in Google search pages with WooCommerce review plugin that applies structured data markup to display Rich Snippets in Google search results pages.

Get More Customer Reviews.

Cutomizable Review Form

Customer review form can be customized to match your store’s purpose and optimized to encourage customers to leave a review.

WooCommerce Review Reminder

Send automated review reminder email notifications to customers in scheduled timing after the purchase. Remind customers to leave a review for the products they’ve purchased with the WooCommerce Notification add-on. Learn more>>

Offer Incentives for Reviews

You can give incentives for reviews such as review for discount, offering discount coupons for customers who leave a review.

This WooCommerce review plugin can be integrated with other WooCommerce extensions such as Points and Rewards, Coupons, Voucher and similar extensions.

Works with Woocommerce Hooks

Fully integrated with WooCommerce Hooks, so that you can use the WooCommerce product reviews for any marketing strategies that you want.

Better Reviews. More Control. More Quality.

Approve and Manage Reviews from DashBoard

Manage all the customer reviews from your Dashboard and every review has to be manually approved before it can go live.

Allow registered or unregistered customers to review

Decide how customers can submit their product reviews, with or without Logging in to your WooCommerce store.


Google reCAPTCHA to prevent spam in reviews

Stop bots from spamming and abusing your WooCommerce product reviews section by enabling Google reCAPTCHA. 

Customers would have to sucessfully solve the reCAPTHCA to submit their review.

Allow only ONE review per customer

You can limit customers to write only 1 review for each product. You can stop them from creating duplicated review content.

Review Editing

Allow customers to edit their reviews, so that when angry customers change their mind they can change their review.


Photo Reviews

WooCommerce Notifications

Comparison Table


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