WooCommerce Zapier Plugin – Have Taken Over your ECommerce Marketing!

When you have a sizable eCommerce business you would want to integrate your store with cloud apps for Marketing, Sales, Support, CRM, Financing, and other related works for applying strategies in your business and to save time.

WooCommerce though it comes with many good features to sell your products online. But when you have an eCommerce store with thousands of products and customers, it is best to integrate with 3-party apps and automate the process associated with your business.

You can also bulk edit WooCommerce products when you have hundreds and thousands of products.


Zapier lets you connect your WooCommerce store with 2000+ apps so that you can integrate and automate the workflows associated with your eCommerce business.

With Zapier automation tools you can integrate your WooCommerce store with many popular apps such as:

  • Sales & CRM tools – HubSpot, SalesForce, AgileCRM, Zoho, and more
  • Support tools – Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom, HelpScout, and more
  • Marketing tools – Facebook Leads, ClickFunnels, GetResponse, Drip, and more
  • Email tools – Klaviyo, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, ConstantContact, and more

WooCommerce Zapier Plugin

To connect Zapier and WooCommerce you need the WooCommerce Zapier plugin, which is the official extension to connect Zapier and WooCommerce. With the WooCommerce Zapier plugin to connect with both the free and paid plans of Zapier tool

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The 2-Way Zapier Integration

When we say it’s a 2-way integration, it means that it not only has WooCommerce Triggers to send information to other apps, it also receives triggers from other apps that lead to WooCommerce Actions to create and update data in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Triggers that Leads to Actions in Zapier

  • New Order – triggers when an orders payment is completed, or order status is Processing
  • New Customer – triggers when a customer registers a new account will not be triggered if you allow Guest Checkout
  • New Order Status Change – triggers every time an order changes status
  • Subscription Created triggers when a subscription is created (when using WooCommerce Subscriptions extension)
  • Subscription Renewed – triggers when a subscription renewal payment is successful
  • Subscription Renewal Failed – triggers when a subscription renewal payment fails
  • Subscription Status Changed – triggers when a subscription status is changed and could be used with a Filter

WooCommerce Actions in Response to Zapier

You can allow the Zaps to Create or Update things in WooCommerce such as:

  • Coupon
  • Customer
  • Product
  • Order
  • Subscription

Trigger Rules for Zaps

You can define the events that will cause WooCommerce data to be sent to a Zapier and theyre called Trigger Rule. You can use the triggers to even create multiple and complex trigger rules.

Heres a full list of Triggers Rules with the explanation.

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Other Important Features of WooCommerce Zapier Plugin

  • You can easily create and manage Zaps via the zapier.com interface, no need to make changes in the WordPress dashboard of your site
  • Create advanced Zaps by integrating with more than 1 services in Zapier
  • Allows you to add Filters constrain Zap activity based on data within a product order such that you can create a new zap for each product
  • Works with some important WooCommerce extensions so you can use the data from the extensions with Zapier
  • WooCommerce data is always sent to Zapier over an encrypted connection (HTTPS communication), so you dont have to worry about security

Some of the popular WooCommerce Zaps

We give you these Zaps as examples of what you can do by integrating Zapier and WooCommerce. But you can do a lot more than this.

1. Save new WooCommerce orders to Google Sheets Rows

You can connect WooCommerce and Google Sheets through Zapier using this plugin. When a new order is placed Zapier adds the line items to a new row in your Google Sheets spreadsheet.

2. Add new WooCommerce customers to ActiveCampaign

You can connect WooCommerce with ActiveCampaign, you can send automated emails to customers such as onboarding emails. When a sale is successful in WooCommerce, Zapier adds the customer as a contact in ActiveCampaign.

3. Save WooCommerce Orders to HubSpot Contacts

Adding your WooCommerce customer information to HubSpot is a great way to keep the details. When a new order is placed in WooCommerce, Zapier adds or updates the contact information in HubSpot.

WooCommerce Extensions Compatible with WooCommerce Zapier plugin:

Heres a list of extensions that are compatible with the WooCommerce Zapier plugin:

WooCommerce Zapier Reviews

One of the noted drawbacks of this plugin is that it doesnt support some well-known WooCommerce extensions such as the WooCommerce Booking plugin. Do check the list of compatible extensions before buying this plugin.

You can also add and update new feature ideas and requests in their forum.

Also, many customers have mentioned that they had trouble when connecting with Apps such as ActiveCampaign, SalesForce, etc. But with the help of the support team, theyve successfully integrated their store with the Apps using Zapier.

So my verdict is that though the WooCommerce Zapier Plugin does not provide seamless integration and data transfers, with the help of their support team and with some initial work you can integrate any of the Zapier apps with your WoCommerce store.

Requirements for Installation of WooCommerce Zapier plugin

To use the WooCommerce Zapier plugin the recommended PHP version is PHP 7.3 or greater but it works from PHP 5.6.20. Other requirements are WordPress v4.7 or higher and WooCommerce v3.5 or higher.

WooCommerce Zapier Pricing

The WooCommerce Zapier plugin costs you $59 (As of Januray 2023) for 1 year of support and updates.

WooCommerce Zapier Free Alternatives

Some simple and free alternatives to WooCommerce Zapier are available. But they do not provide the level of automation and integration provided by the official WooCommerce Zapier extension.


WPZAP is a free WordPress plugin to integrate Zapier and WooCommerce. It uses the Zapier webhook Zap to send WooCommerce leads from your site to Zapier. You can connect thousands of 3-party apps available with Zapier using the WPZAP plugin. It sends WooCommerce orders to Zapier when the order status changes.

Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator is a free WordPress plugin to connect and automate the various processes in your WordPress website. It is a WordPress plugin that acts like Zapier and so it is also called Zapier for WordPress.

It can connect your WooCommerce store with a wide range of WordPress plugins such as bbPress, BuddyPress, Paid Memberships Pro, WPforms, etc, and come SaaS apps Twilio, Zoom, and Zapier. But you have to get the Uncanny Automator Pro version to get Zapier integration.

Now that we have given you everything you need to know about connecting to Zapier and automating your WooCommerce store, share your experience with us in the comments section.

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