WordPress Review Plugin to Create Review Websites. Drive Viral Traffic. Make Money.

Viral Traffic. User Driven Content. Affiliate System.

StarCat Reviews is an all-in-one WordPress Ratings and Review plugin to create any kind of review site.

Why Starcat Reviews?

Write Product Reviews and Make Money

StarCat Reviews is a WordPress review plugin that allows you to create a product review website or a review blog in WordPress. You can review various products on your site and include affiliate links to sites like Amazon and earn affiliate income.

Create Product Review Blog​

It's a WordPress product review plugin to create a product review blog with author-written reviews that can be included in any post or page.Can create a review section with ratings in existing niche blogs such as a Tech blog, Fashion blog, etc., where you review all the related products.

Some Feature Highlights

Rank Higher in Google with Review Schema

Implements Review Schema markup on your pages so that user ratings can be displayed in Google search pages. When ratings are displayed in Rich Snippets your click-through rate increase and Google will rank your page higher.

Engaging User Rating and Review System

Has a user-friendly rating and review system. Users can give reviews as easily as posting a comment. It’s an easy to use WordPress rating plugin that encourages more users to leave reviews.

Include Review System Anywhere

It’s a powerful WordPress review plugin that allows you to include ratings and review into any post or pages even with custom post types including WooCommerce product pages.

Multi-criteria Rating

Allow customers to rate different components and aspects for your products and display the product rating summary elegantly.

Pros and Cons Section

Give option for customers to include Pros amd Cons along with their product review.

Review Voting

Customers can upvote or downvote the product reviews. This helps potential customers to identify legitimate and helpful reviews and allows them ignore the low quality reviews.

Practical Review Features for Every Business

Reply to Customer Reviews

It is a unique WordPress review plugin that allows you to reply to a user review.

So that you can give a kind-hearted reply negative reviews and thank the positive reviews to do more business in the future

Review Search and Sorting

There’s a Review Search bar and Sorting option so that users can find the reviews that are relevant to them. They can sort through Most Helpful, Recent, and Most Positive reviews.

User Review Editing

Users can edit their reviews in case they have changed their mind about the ratings and review they gave. This option is handy when users who gave negative reviews change their opinion.

Offer Incentives for Reviews

Works well with WooCommerce coupon extensions, if you want to give incentives for reviews such as offering discount coupons for customers who leave a review.

Customizable Rating System that Matches your Site

Customisable Rating Icons

Can customize the user ratings system to match your site by changing the Rating Icons, Icon Color, Labels and Label color. If you want to more, you could upload a custom image as your rating icon.

Cutomizable User Review Form

The user review form is customizable for the specific type of review site you are creating and can optimize to get the maximum number of user reviews.

Have Full Control Over the Reviews

Approve User Reviews Manually

With this WordPress review plugin, every user review has to be approved manually to be published on your site. You can manage all the reviews from your site dashboard.

Allow Registered or Unregistered Users to Review

Choose you can leave a review in your site. Only Logged in users (users who are registered to your WordPress site ) or Everyone (users who are not logged in to your site)

Enable Google reCAPTCHA for User Reviews

You could integrate the WordPress review plugin with Google reCAPTCHA to stop bots from spamming and abusing your reviews by enabling reCAPTCHA to submit use reviews.

This can be very useful if you are allowing non-logged in users to submit reviews.

Limit Only 1 Review for a User

You can limit the number of reviews a user could submit in a page to 1. This could prevent creation of duplicated reviews, also stop people from vandalizing your ratings and reviews.

Seamless WooCommerce Integration

StarCat Reviews has full integration with WooCommerce to replace the default product reviews with an advanced ratings and review system.

It works with WooCommerce hooks so that product reviews can be used with other extensions to give Coupons, GiftCards, Rewards, etc.,