Connect Pinterest and WooCommerce using Tablesome

Looking to use Pinterest for your WooCommerce store to increase their brand awareness, traffic, and sales? Want to sync your WooCommerce catalog to Pinterest and let customers browse and buy your products from your Pinterest shop?

If you are using a Pinterest business account for the first, you can also make use of the free Pinterest Ad credits that you get by integrating WooCommerce with Pinterest.

In this post, we will see how to integrate your WooCommerce store with your Pinterest shop.

Why WooCommerce (eCommerce) Stores should use Pinterest?

In 2022, Pinterest had around 450 million monthly active users in which 100 million users are from US and Canada with a 4% YoY increase. Also, it is known that over 35% of Americans use Pinterest.

So, if you want to market your products to the millions of users of Pinterest, you can integrate your WooCommerce store with Pinterest.

Besides creating a Pinterest shop you can also invest in their ads. Pinterest has generated $2.8 billion in revenue, a 9% YoY increase. That means that more and more business owners buy ads on Pinterest as they find it worth it.

You will be able install the Pinterest tag to your WooCommerce store to track events and conversions and optimize your ads for shopping campaigns or retargeting.

How can your Product Images have a better reach on Pinterest ?

Product Images could have a better reach on Pinterest than your WooCommerce store.

  • You can optimize your pins and boards with keyword research and use relevant keywords in your titles, descriptions, and tags.
  • You can add additional text, some alt tags, and hashtags to your images to increase their search ranking and visibility on Pinterest.
  • Can post additional product  images on Pinterest that you may not post on your WooCommerce store. You can try posting  zoomed images, different image ratios, and custom images to make your pins stand out.

Tablesome – Pinterest for WooCommerce Plugin

Tablesome is a WooCommerce Pinterest integration plugin that lets you connect and share your WooCommerce products to Pinterest. It lets you reach millions of Pinterest users who are eager for new ideas and open to new brands.

With Tablesome, you can easily create a Pinterest shop catalog for your WooCommerce store, add product images to selected Pinterest boards, and even create Ad Pins for specific products. Whatever your Pinterest needs may be, Tablesome can help you achieve your goals.

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Pinterest for WooCommerce Features – Tablesome

  • Create boards based on your product categories and showcase your products with pins that links back to your WooCommerce store.
  • You will be able to divide your products into boards based on themes, seasons, occasions, or customer interests.
  • It creates a product data feed that lets you sync your WooCommerce products to the Pinterest catalog so that customers browse and buy your products from your Pinterest shop.
  • Create Rich Pins – automatically update a pin when a product is updated
  • The create pins can be updated in bulk and you can also schedule the updates
  • Use product pins, rich pins, and buyable pins to display your product details, prices, and availability and let customers buy your products directly from Pinterest.
  • Add the Save to Pinterest button to your product pages and let customers create and share pins from your products.
  • Works with the Pinterest Merchant program, to add product pins to your Shop tab, when you become a verified merchant, so that you can  build brand loyalty on the platform.
  • You can add the Save to Pinterest button to your product pages and let customers create full-featured pins from your products.

Benefits of Pinterest for WooCommerce

Integrating your WooCommerce store with Pinterest can help you in many ways. Some of the benefits are:

Increased brand exposure:

Pinterest has a large user base and is known for its visual content, making it an ideal platform for showcasing products and increasing brand exposure.

Increased website traffic:

Pinterest users often use the platform to discover new products, which can lead to increased traffic to eCommerce stores. By optimizing Pinterest content with keywords and links, eCommerce stores can drive more traffic to their website.

Targeted audience:

Pinterest allows eCommerce stores to target specific audiences through its keyword and interest-based targeting options. This means that stores can reach users who are more likely to be interested in their products.

Conversion opportunities:

Pinterest allows eCommerce stores to include shoppable pins, which make it easy for users to purchase products directly from the platform. This can increase conversion rates and drive sales.


Pinterest provides detailed analytics on the performance of pins and boards, allowing eCommerce stores to track their results and optimize their strategy accordingly.

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