Best WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins – 2020 (Free & Paid)

Product customization facility is one of the most sought-after features that many customers look for in a website before planning to spend bucks over there.

Particularly if you are a printing shop owner and have taken your business online, allowing the end customers to design their products while buying them will increase the conversion rate. As a result, you will enjoy more sales and profits.

Think of it this way –

Selling some specific pre-designed products on a WooCommerce site that replicates your print shop online does not make it any different from any other online store. It cancels out many reasons why they should buy from you. On the other hand, you can build a loyal customer base by allowing the users to design or customize the products they want to buy. In other words, you can enable them to get what they specifically want.

Wondering how you can make it possible? Well, not all such functionalities need to be developed from scratch. There are several WooCommerce product designer plugins available in the market which you can choose to grow your printing business to greater heights. These WooCommerce custom product designer plugins can be used as Woocommerce t-shirt designer, Custom mug editor, Woocommerce phone case customizer, WordPress Stickers, canvas, and decals designer. You can even use them as online business cards, postcards, and other print products customizer for WordPress.

Here, we will talk about some of the best WooCommerce product designer plugins – 2020 both free and paid in detail.

Fancy Product Designer for WooCommerce

If you want to give your customers the freedom to design and get the kind of products they want, the Fancy Product Designer plugin is what you need. It is a fully responsive and easy to use WooCommerce custom product designer plugin using which you can allow your customers to customize a product or a part(s) of the product. You can easily create WooCommerce stores that sell almost any kind of customizable products, be it t-shirts, phone cases, shoes, caps, or mugs.

It is also a WordPress product designer plugin because it allows you to add the product designer in any post or page using shortcodes in your WordPress website. The Fancy Product Designer also comes as a web app to offer its features to the Shopify websites.

Primary Features of Fancy Product Designer plugin:

  • Supports all of the WooCommerce product types Simple, Variable and Downloadable
  • For Variable WooCommerce products, you can load different customizable product into the designer
  • Layer system that can help customers get better control over different layers of product customization
  • Facility for customers to add their designs via individual upload zones
  • Multiple media formats supported (JPG, PNG, and SVG) and Text  & Image transformation feature included
  • Bounding boxes for various elements to allow product customization in a specific area
  • Color picker in the buyer’s hand to pick any color from a pre-defined set of colors
  • Facility to set flexible prices for products and various other elements
  • Compatible with popular WordPress themes such as Faltsome, Avada, The Seven, Betheme, Bridge, and others
  • Can be integrated with Dokan multi-vendor marketplace plugin to allow vendors to sell customizable products and supports WPML plugin to create multilingual websites
  • Has a premium add-ons with powerful modules and helpful tools

WooCommerce Custom Product Designer

If you need a solution that has been designed mainly for the printing business, the WooCommerce Custom Product Designer plugin can do everything you expect. Think of it as an all-in-one designer solution for your printing shop. Irrespective of the printing method you follow like DTG printing, screen printing, or embroidery, you can allow the customers to design any type of products on your site using this plugin. Using this plugin, you can also create a professional design library on your site by collaborating with the top designers.

Primary Features of WooCommerce Custom Product Designer plugin

  • Product designer tool compatible with all devices and works with vector images in SVG format
  • Drag and drop functionality to resize, move, or change customizable area
  • Facility to add as many layers of product images
  • Product customization control to add, edit, and upload art
  • Easy to save the design for reuse and share the design socially
  • Zoom-in/Zoom out facility to check customization done
  • Configuration control for the admin in terms of price, print, vector output, and language translation
  • Has a premium add-on with an enhanced editor, UX/UI layouts, 3D preview, and more

Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce

Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce plugin is one of the latest custom product designer plugins in this list and highly suitable for the printing industry and if want to offer a product customization facility online from the very start. Another striking feature of this plugin is that it supports customization for any kind of product. It means that if you were previously planning to offer customizable hoodies online through your WooCommerce store, add mugs, sneakers, cards, and much else to your inventory.

It has been designed with an easy to use interface that makes it easier for the end customers to buy/customize the products of their choice. If you don’t have a WooCommerce store, you can use it as a WordPress product designer plugins to create custom product designs in any post or page.

Primary Features of Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce plugin:

  • Photo effect to make adjustments to your photos
  • Mask layering to add text, clipart, or shape with a complex background
  • Comes with Curved text feature and Background removal option
  • PNG, JPEG, and SVG file support
  • Easy to share designs on social networking sites
  • Unlimited pre-build design templates and you get access to 20000+ Cliparts online from popular stocks such as Pixabay, Openclipart, and more
  • Easy to add flexible prices for text, arts, or templates
  • Access to 800+ Google fonts via font manager
  • Has an Attribute manager and you can edit zone control
  • 95+ languages supported

Zakeke Interactive Product Designer for WooCommerce

Offering product customization features has become common these days. But what matters more is how you manage that well. Lack of automation means you would get hundreds of emails with customization requests, with files or images to be printed, and then comes the customer dissatisfaction on not getting what they want.

A simpler way to offer this feature on your WooCommerce store is by using the Zakeke Interactive Product Designer plugin. It is a powerful tool with which you can allow the end customers to personalize any product and visualize how it will look before placing the order. One crucial aspect it saves you from is about the negative customer reviews and complaints saying the product is not what it is supposed to look like.

Note: It is not a standalone WordPress plugin like other plugins in this list, but a SaaS tool that integrates with WooCommerce. So you have to pay a monthly subscription to use this tool.

Primary Features of Zakeke Interactive Product Designer for WooCommerce:

  • Text customization in terms of color, size, orientation, and rotation
  • Users cab upload Pre-selected artwork
  • Access to the premium library of millions of high-quality images and artworks
  • Product variation feature to let the users change colors, sizes, and style to get what they want
  • Real-time 3D models based on Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Has a Product configurator
  • Gives you full control over pricing
  • Free trial available for 14 days

WooCommerce Product Designer by ORION

This WooCommerce Product Designer is the free plugin you can rely on for all such needs, particularly when you are just starting the printing business with limited resources. Later on, you can upgrade the plugin to its pro version to get many additional features suitable for your business. For a printing business, having an extensive inventory of products available for sale is essential for consistent growth. When you want to offer a product customization feature on your WooCommerce store, you need a plugin that can do wonders for you without having to pay for it. Alongside this, it should also be easy to use both on the front-end and back-end of your online store.

Primary Features of WooCommerce Product Designer by ORION:

  • Comes with Clipart libraries and Image filters
  • Compatible with WPML for translation
  • You can edit Texts, Images, Cliparts in their editor
  • Image output in multiple formats include PNG and JPG
  • Has a Pro version with powerful features such as easy to create templates, SVG and PDF file output support, and many more

NBdesigner – Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce

NBdesigner is a WooCommerce product designer plugin built for all types of printing businesses that allows their customers to customize products before placing an order. It has a clean interface that simplifies product customization tasks. Its front-end interface is user-friendly and very simple to use. It also adds visual attributes selection features to your online store to showcase product variation through side-panels.

Primary Features of NBdesigner – Online Product Designer Plugin:

  • 200+ typography to choose from
  • Can add QR code to products
  • Comes with a Clipart collection and Image extraction from social media channels and many other sources
  • Offers 200+ photo frames, 60+ icons, and 400+ shapes
  • Freehand drawing possibility
  • Layering control
  • Easy to share designs
  • Selected layout settings for each product
  • Creation and management of templates for admin
  • SVG output support
  • Allows design downloading

Which Product Designer Plugin to Choose for a Printing Company?

If you are keen on introducing product customization features on your WooCommerce store, the right selection of product designer plugin must be based on your business-specific needs. The fact is – you know your business needs better than others. So, you must look into the features of product designer plugins in detail before investing in them.

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