How to Sync Facebook and WooCommerce

From the traditional offline buying process to online purchasing, consumers across the world have shifted towards the newer, better ways of buying. If you run a WooCommerce based online store, you know how difficult it becomes to get sales, track conversions and let the business flying wheel continue to rotate. Also, you are always on the lookout for unique ways to grow your business. What about getting sales through Facebook? You might be wondering if it is possible for your WooCommerce site. The best part is that there is the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin. Before we dig deeper into how this plugin works, let’s talk about the importance of integrating your online store with Facebook.

Leveraging Facebook to Grow Your Online Store

Being one of the most-trafficked websites/apps on the planet, Facebook has what you need to earn more through your online store, which is – Well-defined user base. There is no such online retailer that has a global reach near to that of Facebook, let alone equal to it. From the business perspective, syncing Facebook with WooCommerce means tapping into a small fraction of the massive user base of this social media giant. Imagine the possibilities of gaining access to a market segment that you haven’t touched yet but can do that to tap into more sales and ROI. This is possible using Facebook for WooCommerce plugin.

Benefits of Connecting WooCommerce and Facebook

As an e-commerce retailer, you can get several benefits by integrating your WooCommerce store with Facebook, including:

1. Extended Reach to Prospects

With seamless integration of your online store with Facebook, you can leverage its massive user base, particularly the one that fits well into your TG’s demographics. A small fraction of Facebook’s total user base can help you grow the market share of your business while also increasing ROI substantially.

2. Strengthened Relationship with Customers 

A secret to establishing a growing business is to maintain strong customer relationships. The more you connect with the customers to resolve their queries, the better is the possibility that they will buy from you repeatedly. Facebook integration with WooCommerce stores also enables quick and easy interactions with the prospects or existing customers. Hence, you can create a seamless chat experience with your end customers.

3. In-depth Insights about User Behavior

By combining the power of Facebook with the functionalities of WooCommerce, you can collect valuable, actionable data about user behavior, particularly about the items they buy, viewed, or added to cart. Accordingly, you can change your marketing or sales strategy for the better.

What All You Get with Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin?

1. Facebook Ads Extension

Marketing your business via Facebook can help you find more customers, thereby increasing sales on your WooCommerce store. With the ad extension, you can promote your business to your target audience while also tracking the results of ad campaigns. It is dedicated to helping you:

Enhance Ad Campaign Performance

You can easily set up Facebook Pixel to streamline your audience, create and improve ads for the prospective customers after their initial visit to your online store.

Sell More with Carousel Ads

You can connect the product inventory or catalog of your online store with Facebook to create carousel ads automatically. It is yet another way to attract more buyers to your site.

Convert Website Visitors

With Facebook Pixel in place and integrated product catalog, you can make the most of dynamic ads to those who once viewed your site. They will see the ads while using Facebook and can move a step closer to buy from you online.

Analyze of Ads Performance

You can also utilize Facebook ads to dig deeper into the metrics of sales and revenue to understand what works and what does not.

2. Facebook Shops on Pages

It is essential to selling products where your target audience spends most of their time – which is Facebook. You can utilize the Facebook shop section to showcase the products you sell on your WooCommerce site on your Facebook business page. Using Facebook shops, you can:

 Integrate Product Catalog with Facebook page

You can make your entire catalog of products available for sale on Facebook. Not just that, the changes you make to the products on your online store will get synced to the Facebook shop automatically.

Make Product Collections 

You can improve the visibility of your products on Facebook by organizing them into collections. You can also tag them in posts and highlight the most sold products for higher sales.

3. Messenger Chat with Customers

You can add a Messenger chat plugin to enable continued conversation with your customers. It also allows the customer to start chatting with you on the website while connecting the same in Messenger, leading to a more personalized experience. You can ensure:

Seamless chat experience with customers

With the recent chat history of a customer getting loaded automatically, the Messenger can help you strengthen your relationship with the customers.

Easy Follow Up 

You can easily follow up with the prospects through the continued conversations using Messenger.

How to Sync WooCommerce and Facebook (Step by Step)

Before following the steps to install Facebook for WooCommerce plugin, you must know that it requires WooCommerce version 2.6.14 along with WordPress version 3.0 and above. Once your site fulfills these requirements, follow the steps given below:

  • Install Facebook for WooCommerce plugin into your site.
  • Go to Plugins –> Add New, search for  ‘Facebook for WooCommerce’ and install it
  • Then activate the plugin after the installation
  • After activating, in the WordPress dashboard, reach WooCommerce –> Settings –> Integrations

  • Select Facebook for WooCommerce to ‘Get started’

It will lead you to connect your Facebook business page.

  1. Choose your Facebook page from the dropdown and then click ‘Next’
  2. Select the option to import products and click the ‘Finish’ button

At this point, you complete the steps to manage the plugin settings, and the website gets synced with Facebook. All the products on your site will be synced to the Facebook page in its ‘Shop’ section. Also, when an interested buyer looks at the details of a product from the page and proceeds to check out, he will be redirected to your site’s checkout page.

Additional Plugins to Connect Facebook and WooCommerce

There are other plugins available to connect Facebook and WooCommerce.

StoreYa’s Social Shop for WooCommerce

As a leading social commerce platform, StoreYa developed the ‘Social Shop for WooCommerce’ plugin to help import web stores into Facebook automatically. What is unique is that it fully customizes the web stores to fit into Facebook, maintaining the authentic appeal of the brand.

Using this plugin, you can also import activities from various social networks like Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube into Facebook.

Primary Features:

  • Group deal marketing tool to attract users towards a deal based on the total count of users subscribed for it
  • Like box addition to your online shop to help increase Facebook fan base alongside
  • Twitter tab to display a feed of tweets on the Facebook page
  • YouTube tab to display the YouTube channel on the Facebook page for higher user engagement
  • Easy importing of WooCommerce store to Facebook

Social Commerce for WooCommerce 

It is a plugin from Premium Themes, a startup that creates bootstrap-based WordPress themes. It is used to pull WooCommerce products to be synced with Facebook. Using this plugin, you can easily sync or un-sync the products as and when required. The use of this plugin is highly recommended if your Facebook business page has more than 2000 followers.

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