8+ Best WooCommerce Product Table Plugins – 2023 (Free & Paid)

Looking for a way to create product tables in your WooCommerce store? Want to display product lists, product chart sizes, and product variations in table form? Want to deliver a seamless product-buying experience for your customers?

Displaying the products you sell in the standard format followed in all sites may not be the best way to showcase information about your merchandise.

You need enable quick purchases on all of your WooCommerce product pages. They should have product images and information like dimensions or prices displayed elegantly. So creating product tables in your WooCommerce store is a great way to do this.

Create WooCommerce Product Table with Tablesome

Tablesome is a Product Table add-on for WooCommerce that allows listing your products in responsive tables with fast Table Filtering, Searching, Sorting, and Pagination. Using Tablesome you can quickly create a product table in WordPress site to showcase your products.

Product Table – Example:

A simple and good example of a product table is an ebook store. Although you can have a separate page for each book you have in stock, you do not necessarily need such pages. It is because the prospects who want to buy books from your store would mainly look for the books’ cover images, price, and publisher before buying it. Having one unique page for all books also means the traditional page design will look mostly empty because of the limited information available per product.

In terms of customer experience, visiting one web page after the other on a site that has a large volume of books available online feels tiring and cumbersome to many customers. This way, having traditional product pages will most likely inhibit browsing and buying experience. Product tables are one solution to deal with such business-specific needs. It is more like an alternative to display the merchandise on your WooCommerce site without causing many hindrances to the product buying process.

As a solution for many other functional needs of a WordPress site, there are some WooCommerce product table plugins available.

Let’s look at the details of some of the best WooCommerce product table plugins you can use on your site.

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1. Woo Product Table Pro

Unlike the stores where people buy products individually, wholesale stores are different. It can be because the buyers know the product quality and the vendors they usually buy from. Hence, there is no need to create separate pages for each WooCommerce product. With the help of the Woo Product Table Pro plugin, you can easily display the products on your WooCommerce store in a tabular form.

This plugin is mobile friendly and fully responsive, meaning that the product tables will look perfect on all devices.

Primary Features of Woo Product Table Pro plugin

  • Comes with shortcode generator
  • The search filter to enable users to search for products by SKU, price, color, or size
  • Easy to customize tables in terms of color, background color, font size, padding or spacing
  • Best suited for a restaurant table, jewelry product table, books table, and many others
  • Custom fields creation based on business-specific needs
  • Drag and drop feature to rearrange products in the table
  • Advanced search filter to search products based on a specific category

2. WooCommerce Product Table

A product table on a WooCommerce site offers a flexible way to search for and buy products online. To add the table, you need coding skills. Instead of investing your time and efforts in writing code to create the table, you can use the WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

It is a simple yet powerful plugin that enables product table creation in just a few easy steps. Using this plugin, you can insert the table anywhere on your WooCommerce site using a shortcode. Also, you can add the table automatically to the shop and category pages on your site.

Primary Features of WooCommerce Product Table plugin:

  • Easy to list hundreds or even thousands of WooCommerce products
  • Control over data visibility, wherein you can show specific products, SKUs, and attributes
  • One-page ordering facility
  • Instant search and sort filter to find the exact products
  • Useful for WooCommerce wholesale, restaurants, and order forms
  • Intuitive interface to setup and customize the plugin
  • Quick addition of products to the cart, thus enabling more sales
  • Lazy load feature based on AJAX
  • Compatible with many WordPress themes and plugins
Pro eCommerce Tip:

You can also create product comparison tables to compare similar products so that customers can easily compare various product side by side. There is a Comparison Table add-on with StarCat Reviews plugin that allows you to create product comparison tables and embed them anywhere using shortcodes.

3. Free WooCommerce Product Table View

With premium WooCommerce plugins, you can expect to get the features you particularly them for. But what if you get the similar features in a free plugin as well? The Free WooCommerce Product Table View plugin helps you create product tables on your site using its drag and drop builder. It comes with several user-friendly features, like repositioning of columns using drag and drop features. You can change the order of display of various table fields easily.

Primary Features of Free WooCommerce Product Table View plugin:

  • Includes custom widgets to filter products by price, attributes, or rating
  • Shortcodes to display product tables anywhere on your site
  • No limit on the number of tables you can display
  • Full support to product variations, simple products, and group products

Pro Version Features of

WooCommerce Product Table View:

4. Woo Product Table

Woo Product Table Plugin - Free

This plugin is the free version of the Woo Product Table Pro plugin mentioned above. If you run a WooCommerce site over which you want to test creating product tables, it is good to start doing that using a free plugin like this one, and then switch to its premium version for more features.

Woo Product Table plugin lets you convert products display in a table using a shortcode. Once created, you can place the shortcode anywhere on the site where you want to display the product table.

Primary Features of Woo Product Table Pro plugin:

  • Easy to customize table design
  • Create a shop page in the form of a table
  • AJAX-based add to cart option
  • Advanced Searchbox to enable users to search for products
  • Supports YITH wishlist plugin
  • Possibility to hide or show table header
  • Editable table text

5. WooCommerce Product Table Lite

WooCommerce Product Table Plugin - Free and Pro

The WooCommerce Product Table Lite plugin helps you create responsive product table layouts for your WooCommerce site with ease. One of the most powerful features of this plugin is its intuitive editor using which you can save time and effort while editing table content. Make sure you have the latest version of WooCommere for this plugin to work on your site.

Primary Features of WooCommerce Product Table Lite plugin:

  • Easy to add rows within columns
  • Repository of tutorials available to help you use this plugin
  • Best suited for online stores that sell spare parts, audio, and restaurants

Pro Features of  WooCommerce Product Table Plugin

  • The Pro version has easy to replace default grids on the shop or category page using product tables
  • Enables display of product variations in separate rows of the table
  • Checkbox to allow the users to add or remove products from the cart quickly
  • Compatible with WC Product Add-Ons plugin
  • ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) integration to help manage custom fields for links, file, and images, so you can create custom product tables with WooCommerce
  • Column sorting
  • Facility to freeze columns to help users explore wide tables

6. WooCommerce Product Table by WooBeWoo

WooCommerce Product Table by WooBeWoo

The WooCommerce Product Table by WooBeWoo plugin is meant to list WooCommerce products on your site in a table layout that is searchable with the help of filters. It is quite popular to create quick order forms, product catalogs, and price lists. Using this plugin, you can automatically generate a responsive product table and enjoy full control over the table content.

Also, the process of listing products in a table becomes easier when you have this plugin. All that you need to do is simply add products to the table using a form, select the product properties to be displayed, and create a shortcode for the table.

Primary Features of WooCommerce Product Table by WooBeWoo:

  • Supports thumbnails, name, SKU, price, date and many other forms of content
  • Product table builder to help you customize the table as per your needs
  • Instant search for users to find the products they want to buy
  • Custom sorting and pagination
  • Products Table elements customization possible for caption, header, footer, and much else
  • Supports variable products
  • Allows multiple product selection for higher sales
  • Compatible with ACF and Custom Post Type UI

7. Woo Variations Table

Think of variable products on a WooCommerce site, and the first form of product display that comes to mind is of dropdowns. However, that is not the only way you can choose to display product variations on your site. Install Woo Variations Table plugin, and you can replace the default dropdowns of WooCommerce variable products with a well-design product table.

This WooCommerce varitions table plugin gives you product tables with filters with attributes and search by keywords for the simplified product buying experience. It also enables the AJAX-based Add-To-Cart function, which means the page will not reload every time a user on your site adds a product to the cart.

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Primary Features of Woo Variations Table plugin:

  • Complete control over the product information columns in the table
  • Easy to showcase variation attribute values in the product table
  • Product filtering based on attribute values
  • Product search based on keywords related to variations
  • Sorting of table columns using drag and drop facility

The Bottom Line

Look for WooCommerce product table plugins online, and you will find several options available for you to choose from. Each of these plugins has its distinct features. So, make sure you select the one that best fits your needs.

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