6 Best WooCommerce Product Slider Plugins – 2020 – Free & Paid

Having a Product slider is not just a nice strategy, but has become an essential strategy to increase your eCommerce sales.

Yes, eCommerce is rapidly growing and the advancement of users’ expectations is out of the sky. So it has become an essential trait to make your shop more appealing to your customers.

No doubt, you would not have started to search for WooCommerce product slider plugins without being aware of how much it affects your conversions and sales.

So let’s see some of the best WooCommerce product slider plugins, their key features, their pros and cons, and their pricing details.

Note: Almost all of the premium WooCommerce product slider plugins in this post come with a free version that you can try before buying the premium plugin. If the feature in the free version is enough for you, then you can save some money.

SP WooCommerce Product Slider

Product Slider for WooCommerce by ShapedPlugins is one of the best freemium product slider carousel plugins that allows you to create impressive product carousel sliders on your eCommerce site.

If you are looking to increase your sales by having an attractive product slider, this plugin is your best go.

Key Features:

  1. Display product sliders in any post types including pages, posts, and even custom post types
  2. Has 3 pre-designed ready themes in the free version and 30+ in the pro version
  3. You can have more than 1 slider in a page
  4. Has advanced and easy to use shortcode generator to customize the look and function of the product slider
  5. You can set the order of the products in the slider; You can order it by Id, date, title created and modified; You can arrange it in Ascending or Descending order
  6. You can display the products by Latest, Featured, Best-selling, Top-rated and much more. They have almost 18 filtering attributes


  1. The free version has 10,000+ active users
  2. Has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. 49 out of 61 users have given 5-star ratings
  3. Responsive and mobile-friendly


  1. While you can filter the products by more than 18 attributes, you can filter it only by Latest in the free version; Everything else is available in pro version only
  2. Pro version is a little expensive
  3. Some customers have issues with their support responsiveness
  • Free version
  • $39 for single-site
  • $89 for 5-sites
  • $139 for unlimited sites


PickPlugins Product Slider for WooCommerce

This is yet another famous product slider plugin for WooCommerce created by PickPlugins.

PickPlugins is one of the influential companies which has many products. PickPlugins currently has more than 130K customers all around the world.

Key Features:

  1. You can create any number of product sliders and can display in any page, post or custom post type using their shortcode
  2. You can set different column numbers for different devices; You might want 4 columns to be displayed on a desktop, but it might not be responsive. In that case, you can set a different column number, maybe 2 for mobile devices
  3. They have multiple options to control the slider functionality like you can set slider autoplay, control the slider speed, set the slider to re-wind when the slide has reached to the end, stop slider on hover, display or hide navigations and much more
  4. You can choose to have the products on the slider that are only in stock. You can hide the products that are out of stock so that your customers won’t get frustrated seeing products that they cannot buy
  5. 30+ sliding themes available like Flat, Flip-x, Flip-Y, Zoom-in, Zoom-out, etc,
  6. 20+ Ready ribbons are available for your slider. You can also add your own custom ribbon


  1. This plugin has one of the highest customer base with more than 20,000 active users for the free version itself
  2. More than 85% of customers have given 5-star ratings
  3. The plugin is being actively updated and supported (as per April 2020)
  4. Pro version is much cheaper compared to other plugins


Pro version doesn’t have much to offer apart from the filtering options

  • Free version
  • $19 for single-site
  • $49 for 10-sites
  • $99 for 100 sites


YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel

There is no single WooCommerce extension you can see which the YITH does not have it’s hands-on. YITH has almost every WooCommerce plugin that is needed to create a high-quality store. The YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel plugin is a premium product slider tool to create sliders for products and product categories.

Key Features:

  1. You can create a slider with all products of all categories or products from just a specific category
  2. You can display the price of the products in the slider and can also have an Add to cart button that will help your customers to directly purchase it from the slider. You can also hide the both if you don’t want it
  3. The plugin has the product slider widget with which you can add the slider in any sidebars
  4. You have an option to use the middle button of the mouse to scroll the slider
  5. WPML compatible
  6. RTL support


  1. The plugin has currently more than 5000 customers with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5
  2. Most of their customers have given them 5-star ratings for their incredible customer support
  3. This is very intuitive and easy to use


  1. While their premium version has a good review, their free version has a very poor rating in WordPress.org. I guess the free version is very limited and not properly supported. If you are looking for a free product slider plugin, I suggest you not to opt for this.
  2. The YITH plugins are a little expensive because of their brand quality. If you are looking for a professional product and not worried much about the money, this would be your best go.
  • Free version
  • $59.99 for single-site
  • $149.99 for 6-sites
  • $249 for 30-sites

Product Slider and Carousel with Category for WooCommerce

Product slider for WooCommerce is yet another best product slider plugin to display your products in a nice sliding manner.

Key Features:

  1. Contains 3 shortcodes to display WooCommerce products, WooCommerce best selling product, and WooCommerce featured product in slider/carousel view
  2. You can sort the products by category
  3. 15 design layouts
  4. 100% mobile responsive and multilingual supported
  5. It has a Custom CSS Editor which allows you to add custom CSS to overwrite plugin CSS.


  1. It has an active install of more than 10,000 users in WordPress.org
  2. The plugin is being regularly updated (as of April 2020)
  3. This is a very simple and lightweight plugin


  1. It does not have any advanced features
  2. Documentation should be improved

WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider

This is an advanced WooCommerce product gallery slider that allows you to add a carousel in your WooCommerce product gallery.

Key Features:

  1. You can have both horizontal and vertical sliders (vertical sliders are available only in pro version).
  2. You can also include videos in the gallery
  3. Supports WooCommerce default zoom option
  4. It has options for slider Autoplay
  5. It has support for two major page builders: Elementor and Visual Composer
  6. RTL supported


  1. The Pro version has some impressive features which others don’t offer like video support, zoom option, light-box setting
  2. The Author’s response to support queries is very pleasing
  3. The plugin has more than 10,000 users currently.


  1. The last update of the pro version seems to be almost 10 months back
  2. Though, the free version was updated about 2 months back. I am just doubtful about their regular updates.


  • Free version
  • $44 for 6-months support
  • $58.63 for 12-months support

StarCat Reviews Plugin with an Image Slider

Well the StarCat Reviews plugin is not a product slider plugin like the other plugins. It is a WooCommerce review plugin with a Photo Reviews add-on to allows customers to upload the product images along with your review.

When the customer attach pictures and videos with their product review, StarCat Reviews helps you to view the product images in a slider, just as you see in famous eCommerce sites like Amazon.

Key features:

  1. You can add reviews of your product in a slider
  2. Users can attach photos to the reviews
  3. You can add the reviews in any sidebar using the widget available
  4. WooCommerce integration with notifications


  1. The plugin gives you an advanced option to have even reviews in the slider unlike the other plugins which just allows to include products
  2. The pricing is much cheaper
  3. It has multiple add-ons that would be of great use to your WooCommerce store
  4. The plugin is being regularly updated


Not an WooCommerce product slider plugin but a WooCommerce review image slider


The Photo Reviews add-on comes in both the pricing bundles of the plugin.

Hope you like our best WooCommerce product slider plugins -2020 list. Which plugin do you use on your WooCommerce Store? 

Do share your thoughts and questions in the comments section.

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