FooEvents – Sell Tickets and Manage Event Registrations with WooCommerce

Organizing events and selling tickets online has been a growing business in recent years. There are many ticket selling websites such as Cvents, Eventbee, Tix, etc, who earn through selling tickets for various events. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has started due to various legislations and guidelines many events have either been moved online or the seating arrangements are made with social distancing measures. So a good tool is required if you are planning to arrange events and sell tickets online. Good for you, that there is FooEvents one of the best tools available to create a ticket selling website.

What is FooEvents?

FooEvents is a WordPress tickets plugin that helps you sell tickets and manage event registrations for any type of event. With the FooEvents plugin, you can create a ticket selling website with WordPress and WooCommerce and sell tickets for physical and virtual events. It’s an extension of WooCommerce, a leading eCommerce software that works on WordPress CMS. So it is also called as a WooCommerce tickets plugin. Using this plugin you can also avoid the commissions or ticketing fees that you would have to give if you’re using a 3rd party platform for your ticketing needs. Also, you would have a relationship with your customer and own the customer data.

FooEvents – Who is it for?

FooEvents is for everyone who is looking for an online ticketing solution to help you sell tickets and manage registrations for online events such as webinars, conferences, online classes, and other virtual events. It could be very useful for Event Organizers and Event Management professionals or everyone conducting an event to manage registrations and seating arrangements for physical events such as Meetups, Concerts, Fundraisers, etc,. Also useful for people who already have a WordPress / WooCommerce website and want to add ticketing functionality to your site. If you don’t have a WordPress website, you don’t have to worry, you can create one in less than 5 minutes. 

Features of FooEvents for WooCommerce Core Plugin

In FooEvents for WooCommerce, you have a core plugin with ticket-selling features and there are other add-ons that can extend its features if you require additional functionality for your ticket selling website.
  • You can create an unlimited number of events and tickets on its own site so there are no limits for events and tickets.
  • Create free or paid events, so that you can sell tickets for paid events or register attendees for free events
  • Comes with FooEvents Ticket Themes that are 25+ professional ticket templates for various events and special days events such as Mother’s day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc,.
  • Provides Zoom integration to sell tickets to virtual conferences, meetings, and webinars. You can connect securely to your Zoom account and automatically pre-register attendees
  • You can create different types of tickets with your own branding and other customizations and easily manage the order and stock of the ticket inventory
  • It allows scanning tickets using BarCodes or QR code with scanners
  • Provides real-time ticket reports
  • Its translation ready and compatible with the popular WPML plugin to translate your website into different languages
Since it’s a WooCommerce events and tickets plugin you get all the advantages that come with the WooCommerce plugin such as 100+ Payment gateway options, Optimized checkout experience, Discount coupons, adding taxes based on location and more. You can use a WooCommerce review plugin to get reviews from attendees who have bought tickets from your site and attended the event.

FooEvents for WooCommerce – Addons

FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields

When you’re organizing different types of events you require a variety of information for attendees who are registering. FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields addon lets you create custom fields for event attendees that they have to fill in the checkout form. You can add various custom fields based on the unique requirement of your event. The custom attendee fields could be a variety of input types such as text fields, checkboxes, drop-down lists, radio buttons, email addresses, dates, times, URLs, numbers, and alphanumeric.

FooEvents Seating

If you’re organizing an event such as a concert or other show with seating and you want to give your attendees the ability to choose the seats then you need the FooEvent Seating addon. With this addon, you can give the input of the number of seats and rows in the event venue so that your guests can select their seats during checkout. You can even block some seats to reserve seats for important guests.

FooEvents PDF Tickets

The FooEvents PDF Tickets addon allows you to save and download the tickets in PDF form. You can easily attach the PDF tickets in the email so that your attendee can print the tickets, if necessary. It is compatible with all the 25+ FooEvents Ticket Themes.

FooEvents Calendar

The FooEvents Calendar is not just an add-on but a standalone WordPress calendar plugin with which you can add an event calendar in your site to display all the upcoming events in the calendar. You can add the calendar in the sidebar or in other places on your site using a shortcode.

FooEvents Express Check-ins

You can automatically check-in event attendees using barcode scanners to create a fast check-in experience.

FooEvents Check-ins App

There is a free mobile app from FooEvents called Event Check-ins available for both iOS and Android. With this app You can manage all the attendee information, who has checked in, who is absent and more details. If you combine this app with Express check-in addon you can easily scan the Barcodes or QR codes in tickets from attendees using your mobile camera.

FooEvents Multi-day

The Multi-day addon lets you create events that extend for multiple days and attendees can check-in each day or session they attend.

FooSales POS Integration

You can also sell tickets offline using a POS system with FooEvents and FooSales POS  integration. You can also maintain cash registers for POS sales.

FooEvents Demo

Now that we have talked a lot about the features of the plugin, it’s natural that you want to see FooEvents Demo. They’ve created demo products of 30+ types of events such as Virtual events – Webinar, eSport live, Yoga class, Art Class, etc, and Physical events – Concert, Conference, School event, Meetup, Theme park. and many more. You can see the FooEvents demo site here. 

FooEvents Review

The FooEvents plugin was first sold in the CodeCanyon marketplace where it has made more than 3464 sales and received 4.5 out of 5 stars from 85 customers. If you check all the customer reviews many customers have given 5-star ratings for feature availability and customer support. FooEvents also has good documentation for the plugin setup and for using the addons.

FooEvents Pricing Plans

You can buy the core FooEvents for the WooCommerce plugin for $49/yr for 12 months of support and updates. If you want to buy the plugin with its extensions then you can buy the product bundles. It has 3 bundle pricing plans. They are:
  • Starter Bundle – $99/ yr, with very limited addons
  • Pro Bundle – $129/ yr, with limited addons
  • Full-House Bundle – $199/ yr, with all of the addons

Tickera Vs FooEvents

Tickera is another popular WordPress tickets plugin and people search for posts such as Tickera Vs FooEvents to compare both the ticketing plugins.

Let me give you a simple comparison.

In the feature level, both the plugins are similar with some advantages for both plugins.

FooEvents is a WooCommerce plugin, that is it cannot work without WooCommerce. You get all the advantages that come with WooCommerce such as many options for WooCommerce themes, Payment Gateways, and extensions.

Tickera is a standalone WordPress plugin, so all of the extensions and payment gateway integrations have to come from the plugin author. Also you need special premium Event tickets WordPress themes to use along with Tickera.

The most interesting thing about Tickera is that it has a free plugin with limited features. You can test the free plugin before you buy the premium version.

On the other hand, FooEvents has a 7-days refund policy that makes you eligible to get a refund within 7-days if you don’t like the plugin.

Hope this article helps you to know the best options to create a ticket selling website. Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section. 

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