StarCat Reviews 0.4 – Introducing WooCommerce Notification Add-on

StarCat Reviews is an advanced WordPress reviews plugin with best integration with WooCommerce. We release new updates with powerful features frequently and this week we have released StarCat Reviews v 0.4.

What’s new in StarCat Reviews 0.4?

We introduce 2 new and important features in this release,

  1. WooCommerce Notifications (premium add-on)
  2. Non-Logged in User Review

WooCommerce Notification Add-on

The WooCommerce Notifications add-on automatically sends email notifications to your customers after their orders are completed. With this add-on you can,

  • Send a Product Review Link of the items they purchased to get the customer review
  • Use any “From” email address
  • Customize the Subject and Body of the email notification

The WooCommerce Notification add-on is available with both the Personal Bundle and Business Bundle pricing plans of StarCat Reviews plugin.

You can get this add-on separately, but we suggest the bundle plans so that you get the added benefits.

Non-Logged in User Review

Also in the version 0.4, you can allow Non-Logged in Users, that is, users who are not registered to your website to submit their ratings and reviews to the posts and pages where you have enabled user reviews.

You can combine the Google reCAPTCHA integration to stop spam users’ reviews to your site.

The Non-Logged in User Review feature is available with the core StarCat Reviews plugin.

If you like these features you can try them using our 7-Days free trial.

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