Best Responsive WordPress Table Plugins – 2023

Tables are something that you will find on almost every website that you come across on the internet. Having the data in the tabular form using rows and columns is an effective way to present information. Table data can be easily understood & interpreted and facilitates comparison as the data can be presented in a compact and organized form.

Tables used on websites can be a simple price list/pricing table, comparison table, product catalogs, product specifications table, large data tables, database table, and some other tables. 

Be it a WooCommerce store, WordPress blog, information database site, or a simple business website, you can make use of tables to help your users find information. 

You can use various WordPress table plugins to create tables on your site. Let’s see the best WordPress table plugins – 2023.

Tablesome – Best Free Responsive WordPress Table Plugin

Tablesome is a powerful WordPress table plugin to quickly create tables and embed tables in any post or page with table shortcodes. You can also import tables from CSV and XLSX files generated using other tools such as Google Sheets, MS Excel, etc.

It is a versatile and free WordPress table plugin with which you can create any type of tables such as large data tables, product catalogs, comparison tables, sports league tables, and other types of tables.

If you don’t have any coding knowledge this is the best table plugin to go for.

Features of Tablesome:

  1. It is performance-optimized and allows you to create large tables with many columns & rows that are rendered blazing-fast. 
  2. It is SEO-friendly with Table Schema markup.
  3. Users can easily find precise information using search, sorting, and filtering. Large tables will be visually presentable with pagination.
  4. It is an easy table builder that lets you create beautiful tables with advanced styling options, and it works smoothly with any WordPress theme and page builder. 
  5. It is a responsive WordPress table plugin that automatically adjusts the table based on screen size, and the tables look elegant on tablets & mobile devices. 
  6. It gives you responsive table options such as a horizontal scroll bar and stack mode. 
  7. Tables can have data in different formats such as Text, TextArea, Image, URL, Email, Date, and more.
  8. It comes with a shortcode builder that lets you customize the table and the elements that you want to embed.

You also check out the list of best WordPress pricing tables plugins, if you want to create pricing tables for your site. 


It is a very popular free WordPress table plugin with which you can create multiple types of tables. 

With this table plugin, you can import table data from multiple file formats such as CSV, XLSX, XLS, JSON and you could also import from Google Sheets using URL. 

It is a featured loaded table plugin that comes with multiple extensions that add powerful features to your table. 

Important Features of TablePress

  • Some of the popular TablePress extensions are – Responsive Tables, DataTables Buttons, DataTables Sorting, and DataTables Column Filter 
  • Add links, images and HTML to tables 
  • Add custom CSS for table styling
  • Render shortcode data inside a table cell
  • Can do row highlighting for specific rows


Creating tables takes more time and needs some getting used to the interface. So may not be the best choice if you want to create tables in the WordPress dashboard. 

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables is another free WordPress table plugin with a powerful premium version. It is a responsive table plugin that has some good responsive options for mobile devices. 

Features of Ninja Tables

  • Import tables using CSV and JSON file formats
  • Tables can have a search bar and pagination
  • You can update existing tables by Importing
  • Has some basic styling to customize fonts, borders, and styling

Features Of Ninja Tables Pro

  • Can create data tables with sorting and filtering
  • Import and auto-update tables from Google Sheets
  • Readymade style themes and advanced styling options
  • Can be used to render WooCommerce Products and WP Post Data inside tables


Though NinjaTables Pro comes loaded with some great table generator features some users have reported poor performance when loading tables with thousands of rows. So it may not be the best for large data tables.If you want to list WooCommerce products in your store you check out the list of best WooCommerce product table plugins.


WpDataTables is yet another popular premium table plugin that later launched a free version with limited table features. 

WpDataTables premium is the best table plugin for rendering tables from various sources such as PHP Array, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL. 

Features of WpDataTables Lite

  • Create table options limits tables to 150 rows
  • Can embed media files inside tables such as Images, Video, and Audio files
  • Allows to export as CSV, Excel, PDF, and Print formats from the Frontend and Backend
  • Comes with native widgets to support page builders such as Gutenberg, Elementor, and WPBakery

Features of WpDataTables (premium)

  • You can do conditional formatting to highlight specific columns/rows/cells based on a set of logic
  • You can do server-side processing to quickly render large tables
  • Can integrate with forms such as Gravity forms & Formidable forms
  • You can apply formulae to do calculations as you do in MS Excel 

WP Table Builder

As the name implies this WordPress table plugin is a table builder that is you can build tables like you build pages with page builders. It is a good option if you want to create comparison tables with star ratings and buttons.

Features of WP Table Builder – Free

  • You can customize the responsive table display for different screen sizes such as PC, Tablet, Mobile phones.
  • Include Images, Buttons, Links, and Star Rating in your tables
  • Customize and style each table cell individually. 

Features of WP Table Builder – Pro

  • Gives you additional table elements such as Circle Rating, Icons, and Ribbons
  • Premade style themes and able templates
  • You can reorder columns and rows Drag & Drop 


Since you have to build each table cell individually it is not recommended if you have a large table. 

NicheTable – Responsive Comparison Table for Gutenberg Editor

NicheTable as the name suggests it is a free WordPress table maker plugin that helps you create comparison tables for niche products. It makes use of the Gutenberg editor. So it is a great option for users who have reviewed blogs and use the Gutenberg editor. 

Features of NicheTable

  • You can create a row and customize it and then duplicate it for fast table creating
  • Styling options include background color changes for header and rows and alignment changes for each column
  • You can include Images and Buttons inside the table

Final Thoughts:

We have listed the latest and most popular options for creating tables in WordPress. Most of them are free with premium upgrade options. 

Hope you can find the best WordPress table plugin to create the table that suits your purpose. 

What is the table plugin of your choice and what kind of tables do you have. Tell us in the comments section. 

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