AutomateWoo – Marketing Automation for Your WooCommerce Store

Want to run strategic marketing campaigns to increase your eCommerce sales and conversions? Looking for a marketing automation software for your WooCommerce store? Want to send cart recovery email for abandoned carts automatically? Need a solution to send followup emails to customers?WooCommerce has an AutomateWoo solution to solve your problems. We will cover everything AutomateWoo offers for your eCommerce store in this article.

What is AutomateWoo?

AutomateWoo is a marketing automation plugin for WooCommerce that helps you grow your business with automated marketing by increasing conversions and retaining customers.It is like SaaS-based marketing automation software such as HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, etc., but built as an extension for WooCommerce users.Let’s see the important features of the AutomateWoo WordPress plugin.

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Key Features of AutomateWoo

AutomateWoo – Workflows

In AutomateWoo you can create Automatic Workflows with customized Triggers, Rules, and Actions for every workflow.


Triggers are WooCommerce events that fire a workflow. AutomateWoo comes with a wide variety of triggers including Order events such as Order Created, Order Status Changes, Custom based triggered, Cart triggers, and many others. You can also create custom triggers for your WooCommerce store.


If you want a more complex workflow than a simple trigger, you can use a rule or two to tailored workflows to your store.If you add a rule when a trigger is fired it will perform an action only if all the rules are met. If not it will not perform any action.You can use the rules to target specific customers and give personalized coupons and other offers to high-value customers.


Actions are what you tell the plugin to do after a specific trigger is fired. It can be giving a discount to a customer or to update a custom field based on customer behavior.You can see the full-list of Triggers, Rules, and Actions in AutomateWoo’s documentation.If you want to automate the processes on your WordPress site, you can make use of the Uncanny Automator plugin.

AutomateWoo – Manual Workflows

With the latest version AutomateWoo 5.0, it has the ability to create Manual Workflows. That is you can perform actions without a Trigger. Sometimes you want to initiate certain actions like Notify customers about the delay on order fulfillment, Informing the customer about a new change in your store, etc.,

AutomateWoo – Abandoned Cart Emails

Sending abandoned cart emails is a must for every eCommerce business. Often customers forget about their shopping carts.
According to Moosend, a staggering 45% of cart abandonment emails are opened; 50% of the open emails these receive click-throughs, and 50% of the users who clicked have completed the purchase. To say in simple terms 10% of the abandoned carts were recovered. 
The 10% conversion may not sound like a lot by considering the customer acquisition costs it is quite a big deal.With AutomateWoo, you can send reminders to customers who left items in their cart using emails at regular intervals.It helps you send abandoned cart emails that can be optimized for maximum click-through and conversions.

Unlimited Email Sending

This is the most important reason for business owners to choose AutomateWoo over other marketing automation solutions. Many other abandoned cart services charge based on the volume of emails you send, but you don’t have any restrictions like that here. So you can send unlimited emails for your marketing campaigns.

Easily setup and manage abandoned cart emails

For immediate sending, it uses the default WooCommerce emails for cart recovery. You can also design your abandoned cart email by inserting abandoned cart products, and other variables with dynamic content.

Targeted campaigns with incentives

You can have complete control of your abandoned cart campaign by scheduling different emails to be sent in various intervals after the cart is abandoned and you can offer incentives.If the cart recovery is successful no further emails are sent.
Get Back Inactive Customers
You can target your email marketing campaign to win back inactive customers with special offers and recommendations.
Send Personalized Coupons
AutomateWoo allows you to dynamically generate and send personalized coupons to targeted customers with exclusive discounts.

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Wishlist Marketing
Not just for abandoned carts, you can also send timed reminder emails for wishlists to notify when a wished product goes on sale. AutomateWoo Integrates with WooCommerce wishlist plugins, see the integrations sections for more details.

Detailed reports to track opens, clicks & conversions

Tracking the success rate of your WooCommerce abandoned cart campaign is important to optimize your abandoned cart emails and to increase your conversions and sales.AutomateWoo tracks everything and gives you detailed reports of the opens, click graphs, conversions list of your abandoned cart emails. It also shows you a detailed log of every email sent and conversion recorded.

Intelligent session tracking and pre-submit email capture

Most of the customers will not sign in to your store and if you have a guest checkout option, they may not create an account with your store.For including these customers into your marketing campaign AutomateWoo comes with a session tracking technology that can detect registered users even before signing in. For guest checkouts, it can capture guest emails at the checkout using the common pre-submit technique.Guest emails can also be captured from any form on your website such as the newsletter signup. You could use the free Contact Form 7 plugin for newsletter singups.

AutomateWoo – Follow-Up Emails

For any eCommerce business, not only do you need to find new customers, but you need to make the most of the customers you already have.Sending follow-up emails to existing customers is a key email marketing strategy and also an important way to do more sales from your customers.AutomateWoo lets you automatically send emails to gain repeat purchases and increase engagement to your WooCommerce store. You can send automatic emails such as to customers who buy specific products, asking for a review, suggesting other products.Combined with the tracking and reports you can improve and optimize your customer communication.

Types of Follow-up Emails with AutomateWoo

Review reminder and rewards
Most of the customers who have liked the products they’ve bought need a reminder to give a product review. To encourage more customers to give product reviews you can also offer discounts for the reviews.For better control, you can limit the discount based on the number of reviews posted and the rating given.Note: You can use a WooCommerce review plugin to enhance the WooCommerce product reviews. You can also allow customers to attach pictures with their ratings and reviews.
Card Expiry Notifications
eCommerce stores have options for customers to store their credit cards, debit cards, and other payment details. It is crucial if you have a subscription-based eCommerce store where you can automatically take the recurring payments. And these cards have expiry dates.With AutomateWoo you can notify customers who have a saved credit or debit card before their expires to update the new payment information.This can reduce greatly failed payments, especially when you’re selling subscriptions. Also, save you a lot of time spent on customer support.
Product recommendations email
Send follow up emails with cross-sells and related products based on the products purchased by the customer.Notify customers with new products on the niche they like or for special deals and discounts related to the products they’re bought.
Customer feedback email
You can follow up with customers who have canceled their orders or send emails to new customers with a feedback form.
Birthday emails
AutomateWoo has a birthday add-on (separate purchase), to send WooCommerce birthday emails with a special coupon. Let customers know that you care about them. See more details in the add-ons section below.

Other Features of AutomateWoo

Automatic VIP

You can reward your most loyal and productive customers with a VIP status based on different spending requirements that you can determine.

SMS Notifications

Automatically send SMS notifications to customers or admins based on AutomateWoo triggers by integrating with Twilio SMS software (more details in integrations).

Subscriptions Automation 

Send email notifications and perform other actions when any of the WooCommerce Subscription events happen such as status changes, failed payments, and renewal reminders (more details in integrations).

Refer A Friend

Allow costumes to earn from referrals using the AutomateWoo Refer A Friend Add-on (more details in add-ons section).

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AutomateWoo – Add-ons 

It comes with premium and free add-ons to extend the capabilities of your marketing automation. They are:

AutomateWoo – AgileCRM Integration add-on 

Your eCommerce business may need a customer relationship management system (CRM)  to manage customer contact information, purchasing behavior, customer support, and feedback, and other analytics data.AutomateWoo comes with a free AgileCRM Integration add-on to automate your customer management. You can create automated workflows to add and update the customer data and other related data that is added to AgileCRM.

AutomateWoo – Refer A Friend add-on 

There is a premium AutomateWoo – Refer A Friend add-on to add a referral program to your WooCommerce store with easy referral management.You can run
  1. Coupon based campaigns where people can share a unique coupon for referrals
  2. Link-based campaigns where people can share referral links to share a unique link to your store
Besides sharing referrals via email and social media (Facebook and Twitter) you can also share via WhatsApp feature to refer friends quickly via WhatsApp from a mobile or desktop browser.

AutomateWoo – Birthdays add-on 

There is another premium AutomateWoo – Birthdays add-on to send birthday wishing emails with discount coupons. Customers will be pleased to get a personal birthday email wishing them a happy birthday.

AutomateWoo – Integrations

AutomateWoo has integrations with many popular WooCommerce extensions and other Saas based tools for Email Marketing, sending SMS text, and CRM for customer management.

AutomateWoo – Integrations with WooCommerce Plugins

AutomateWoo can be integrated with various WooCommerce Plugins such as the You can get Triggers with all of these WooCommerce extensions to perform a certain action.It also supports the WPML plugin for translating this plugin into languages other than English.

AutomateWoo with Saas-based software

There are several email marketing software that can be integrated with AutomateWoo such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, and Mad Mimi.It can also be integrated with automate workflows from AgileCRM and Twilio to send SMS notifications.

AutomateWoo Support

AutomateWoo is an official WooCommerce extension and supported by the WooCommerce team. So you can expect the best support for the author.It is also regularly updated with bug fixes and new features. You can see AutomateWoo’s changelog here.They also release new feature releases frequently based on customer requests. There are several new features that they’re working on. You can see the feature ideas and upvote them or add a new feature idea here. 

AutomateWoo – Pricing

AutomateWoo costs you $99 for 1 year of updates and support. It is sold in is also a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a refund if this plugin does not solve your purpose.You could also get the premium add-ons for the cost of,

Hope you found the information you needed to make your mind about buying AutomateWoo WordPress plugin for your WooCommerce store.

What kind of automated workflows do you have in your store? Tell in the comments section.

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