Best WooCommerce Product Blocks Plugins For Gutenberg Editor – 2023

Are you a WooCommerce store owner who wants to use the Gutenberg block editor? Wondering how to show WooCommerce products on specific pages? Want to create a custom WooCommerce shop page or special product collection landing pages? Do you want to display your products in any WordPress post or page? Looking for WooCommerce product blocks added to the free WooCommerce blocks plugin?

We give you everything to do with the WooCommerce blocks in this article.

WooCommerce Blocks Plugin

WooCommerce Blocks is the official WooCommerce Gutenberg blocks plugin and an easy way to display your products on posts and pages on your WooCommerce site.It gives you 15+ blocks to help you showcase your WooCommerce products in multiple ways. You can create product grids based on tags, featured products, attributes, and more.

WooCommerce Blocks for Showcasing Products

If you want to create a showcase page with selected products you can use the following WooCommerce blocks.
  • Featured Product – display products or product variations that are marked as Featured Products
  • Newest Products – display the newest products first
  • On Sale Products – display only on sale products and choose the order of display
  • Top Rated Products – display all the products with best customer ratings
  • Hand-picked Products – display only the selected products
  • Best Selling Products – display only the best selling products
  • Featured Category – highlight a selected product category
  • Products by Category – choose the products to display using product categories
  • Products by Tag – choose the products to display using product tags
  • Products by Attribute –  choose the products to display based on product attributes
You can use these product blocks within a block to add, remove, or re-arrange elements like the Product image, Product title, Product rating, Product price, Product summary, and Buy now & Add to cart buttons.

WooCommerce Blocks to Show Product Reviews

If you want to embed the customer reviews in any page or post, You can do so with the following WooCommerce blocks:
  • All Reviews – display all the customer review for all of your products
  • Reviews by Product – display product reviews of only selected products
  • Reviews by Category – display product reviews with selected product categories
Pro Tip: the default WooCommerce product reviews has basic features  and capabilities. You can extend the product review capabilities with an WooCommerce review plugin to upgrade to a professional level.With the All Review blocks, you can choose to display reviews with Product name, Product rating, Reviewer name, Image, Review date, and Review content. You can choose the order of review display and limit the number of reviews displayed.

WooCommerce Blocks to Create Custom Shop Pages

With the WooCommerce product blocks, it is very easy to create a custom shop page in a few minutes and the blocks also allow customers to search for products and filter products by attributes or price. You can use the following WooCommerce blocks to build a custom shop page.
  • All Products – list all the products in your store
  • Product Search – add a product search bar
  • Active Product Filters – display a list of active filters
  • Filter Products by Attribute – display all the different product attributes and let customers filter by attributes
  • Filter Products by Price – display a price range all and allow customers to filter product by price range

WooCommerce Blocks + Shortcodes

The WooCommerce blocks are smarter and user-friendly alternatives to WooCommerce shortcodes. If you want to use them, you can use them in combination with the Gutenberg blocks using the shortcode block you can use to paste the shortcode in.

WooCommerce Blocks Development

Though the WooCommerce blocks plugin is really good, it is still an extension and not added to the core WooCommerce plugin. There are still many open issues with this plugin. You can follow the WooCommerce Blocks – GitHub Page to see the issues, feature requests, and development.Also, the WooCommerce blocks plugin works well in combination with other page builders such as Elementor and Divi.

Storefront Blocks

Storefront Blocks plugin is a set of premium Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks from PootlePress that helps you create beautiful product pages in any of the WordPress posts and pages. This plugin works best with the free Storefront WooCommerce theme and other popular WooCommerce themes.You can create custom Shop pages, Category Pages, Home Page, and more.It gives you customization options such as the ability to change Font size, family, color, and also change the Product label position, Grid spacing, and Button color.

Blocks Available in the Storefront Blocks plugin

  • Product Slider Blocks
  • Category Masonry Block
  • Product Masonry Block
  • Standard Product Grid Block
  • Product Square Grid Block
  • Single Product Block
  • Standard Product Block
  • Filter Block
  • Sales Countdown Block
  • Product List Block
  • Product Card Block
  • FlipBook Block

WooBuilder Blocks Plugin:

WooBuilder Blocks plugin is a WooCommerce blocks plugin to design your single product pages with the Gutenberg block editor and you can create beautiful product layouts. Works with all types of products such as Simple, Variable, Grouped, Virtual, External and Downloadable products.

Blocks Available in WooBuidler plugin

It gives more WooCommerce blocks such as:
  • Product title
  • Product image
  • Product price
  • Add to cart
  • Short description
  • Product reviews
  • Related products
  • Product tabs
  • Product carousel block
  • Request quote
  • Sales Countdown
You can embed videos into your product pages and it works with many popular WooCommerce extensions. It also works well with the Storefront Blocks plugin.

Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks

Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks is a Gutenberg product block plugin for WooCommerce, helping to create beautiful Product Grids, Product Listings, and Product Slider and Carousel within a few seconds.

Features of Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks

  • Gives you a WooCommerce product slider to create product carousels and grids that has a slide view
  • Comes with a WooCommerce query builder to display products with different criteria such as the Number of posts, Category, Tag, Order By, Order, Exclude, and Offset
  • Allow customers to filter products using the AJAX powered product filters using Categories and Tags

Product Blocks in Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks plugin

This plugin gives you 8+ WooCommerce product blocks such as:
  • 3+ Product Grid blocks to display product with grid different designs and styles
  • Product List block to display WooCommerce products in list view to show many products at a time
  • Product Category block to display your WooCommerce product categories in different styles
  • Heading blocks to display heading of a specific section in the WooCommerce product page with premade designs that comes with the plugin
  • Wrapper blocks display different sections in a page with a Wrapper and it looks like a container
  • Image blocks to display WooCommerce product images with different styles, buttons, and overlays and you can use it to create beautiful banners and image showcases

Also See: How to Customize Product Image Sizes

Product Blocks for WooCommerce

Product Blocks for WooCommerce is a unique Gutenberg WooCommerce blocks plugin that lets you effortlessly create beautiful product displays, grids, lookbooks, and carousels for your WooCommerce store.

Available Blocks in Product Blocks for WooCommerce plugin

This plugin comes with 6+ WooCommerce product blocks:

  • Product Categories Grid block – gives you 3 types of grids to display product categories
  • Vertical Product Slider block – allows you to slide products vertically
  • Shop by Outfit Lookbook block – Showcase related products together such as product bundles
  • Product Reveal Lookbook block – display products with product images
  • Scattered Product List block – display products in list view in a randomly scattered pattern
  • Product Carousel block – gives you a responsible product carousel that you can drag to move around

Do you like our list of WooCommerce product blocks plugins? Did you try them on your WooCommerce store? Which one do you like the most? Tell us in the comments section.

1 thought on “Best WooCommerce Product Blocks Plugins For Gutenberg Editor – 2023”

  1. Still nothing that enables customizing the single product page. One of the most important pages of eCommerce is the product page itself.

    Oh, wait. WooBuilder Blocks allows you to use the Description area of the product page to customize the entire product page. Disabling much of the regular features of the product page. But if you don’t use that plugin and another one, you can’t customize the single product page. If there is a conflict, between WooBuilder and another plugin, the other plugin has to go. It’s WooBuilder and whatever they allow, or nothing.

    Unless you want to go with the bloated page builders, you don’t really have control of your store. Not the way it should be.

    WooCommerce (Automattic) needs to make WooCommerce fully integrated with WordPress block editor. Really give people control of their stores, not this half baked approach that leaves the most important presentation page of eCommerce out of the equation.

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